King of Crime demo pack

Here is a 2 player demo game of King of Crime. It includes the rules and 48 downloadable cards for print/cut and sleeving. You will need 4 dice, 2 white and 2 of  a different color (red preferably). The only rule deviation is you play until one person controls 2 rackets.

This pack has a sample of cards from the rewards and stretch goal expansions that will be available during the FEB Kickstarter campaign please like us on Facebook- king of crime card game for updates on special stuff and info.

This is for demo purposes only,  resale is prohibited.

koc demo

King of Crime rule sheet

FEB King of Crime Rules


Limited edition of 100 units.

This is a limited edition of 100 units. The set contains a promo card from the Thug Hall of Fame mini set, as well as the unique RED SPECTRE card-only available with this edition, no more will be printed. Also included are blank thug cards for you to create someone special for your game!

The limited edition of King of Crime card game will be available in December. Only a few copies will be for sale…contact me for more information.

King of Crime is a traditional 108 card game for 2-4 players. This specific version will contain the unique RED SPECTRE card. There are only 200 of these cards and they will not be reprinted. It takes about 20 minutes to play. All of the cards text gives you the feeling of the characters and situations you control, their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses.The game play consists of recruiting “mugs” into your family, playing of FAMILY cards to solidify your position while undermining the opposition. (Let’s not beat around the bush, whacking those mugs!) Ultimately controlling the rackets in the city.

In the center of all this is the HIT die. When this is rolled during a RACKET ROUND (Fighting for control of an available racket.), mugs get “rubbed out”. Yours, theirs, everybody is a target. When the smoke clears, will you still have the right people alive to control that racket?